Floor coverings
Based on design budget. Recommendation: bedrooms, living room, hallways and kitchens are laid out with brushed larch wood panel flooring with white oil coating. Bathroom floors and portions of kitchen floors in natural limestone / pietra piasentina

Wall coverings
Based on design budget. Recommendation: The walls of the bathroom and the shower covered in natural limestone tiles (pietra piasentina). Waterproof surfaces in plastered and painted finish.

According to plans. Premium quality built-in kitchen cabinetry; elegant and highly resistant surfaces, elevated standard, natural stone counters on the work surfaces; recessed light fixtures. Appliances: Ceramic cooktop, recirculation convection oven, grill with steam cookers, dish washing machine, refrigerator with separate freezer drawer, recirculation steam exhaust system.

Sanitary equipment
According to separate equipment list.

Plaster / paint work
Walls given a base plaster and a 0.5 mm abrasive additive; the ceilings of the units feature a white plaster surface smoothing and, like the walls, are coated with mineral-tone paint. The curtain tracks are flush-mounted into the white plaster ceiling; on the penthouse floor, plans call for wall rails.

Based on design budget. Recommendation: Cloak rack and cleaning closet in larch wood veneer, with white-oil finish. Open cloak rack with fixed hat rack; chrome clothing hooks and drawers below; closed part with foldable tablet trays. Outdoor storage closets on the terraces of the garage level, in solid larch wood, two-door, room height with pedestal base.

Tile masonry work
If marked in the plans, a recirculation cheminée/fireplace is included in the budget.

Noise-insulating unit entrance door with block frame, security mortise lock and safety strike plate with three-point locking system. The doorknob and handle set made of stainless steel, matt brushed, with security cylinder cutouts and peephole. The door panel, cladding of soffit and lintel made of wood, larch veneer, white oiled. Dirt trap in the door niche. All doors in each room made of wood with block frames with no thresholds.

Laundry room / cellar space
Window frame doors, with white spray coat or with synthetic resin coat. Floor slab of painted homogenous concrete / granolithic concrete. The entire surface of the walls are painted white. The ceilings remain unfinished or are painted. Electrical connection in the cellars. Stack washer/dryer in the laundry room

Electric systems / light
Ceiling connection for the installation of a ceiling light in all rooms. On the penthouse level, there are serviced electric sockets available in the spaces with roof pitch. Bathrooms, kitchen, hallway feature recessed ceiling lights. Bathroom mirror-front medicine cabinet with integrated electric socket and lights. An electric socket is installed on each veranda/balcony, with outdoor lighting in the wooden ceiling. At least three sockets in the living rooms and bedrooms. In the bathroom, plans additionally call for a reserve pipe for an electric hand towel radiator. For the toilet, an empty conduit is planned for the connection of a shower WC. Multimedia cabling from BKS HomeNet®; connections in living room and all bedrooms.


Slabs / Walls / Facade
Reinforced concrete form the subgrade perimeter walls of the underground garage and garden level. Perimeter insulation installed around the residential units. Interior walls made of sand-lime brick; in situ (cast-in-place) concrete used if static conditions required. Slabs of the residential buildings and underground garage made with in-situ concrete, and reinforced per static measurements and acoustic specifications. Exterior walls made of double-shell masonry in brick; plastered on the garage level and clad in natural stone façade on 1st basement level. The unit partition walls against the stairwell are finished with a double-shell construction in concrete/brick. Stairwell core decoupled from the units. The partition walls facing the neighboring units were built with double-shell construction. The walls are plastered on both sides from the ground floor to penthouse level. On the garden level, the interior is plaster, while the exterior features a natural stone façade. Visible concrete lintels span the wall openings.

Foundation / parking garage
The floor slab on the 2nd basement level was finished in homogenous concrete. The underground garage is designed and built as a monolithic construction. The underground garage interior is in béton brut (“raw concrete”) and/or painted; the exterior masonry is clad in natural stone. In the underground garage on the first basement level, a poured asphalt surface was applied to the concrete slab, as a wear layer and as a seal coat. Walls and ceilings kept in raw form or with a painted surface.

Pitched roofs are prefabricated with wooden elements. The ceiling surface is wood; the roofing is made of Eternit® fiber cement.  Flat roofs feature dense greenery, serving as a traditional warm roof.

Sheet metal work
All sheet metal work is finished in copper.

Garage door
Overhead door made of aluminum, operated by an electric drive with handheld transmitter.

Exterior doors / entrance description
The entrance area, with the building entrance doors and vestibule doors, are finished in wood/glass construction with triple insulated glazing. The finishes are in larch wood. The main entrance doors on the basement level and to the underground garage were finished in glass/metal construction with triple insulated glazing. In the underground garage, on the first basement level, a poured asphalt surface was applied to the concrete slab as a wear layer and seal coat. Lighting is controlled through motion detectors.

Stairs and landings are mounted to the walls of the stairwell by means of sound-insulating spikes. Completed with in situ concrete or prefabricated elements. Stairwell hand rails, round with straight end faces, made from solid larch wood. Angular handrail holders with a matt finish are mounted indiscernibly to the wall. The stairwell corridor and the stairs feature a dyed granolithic concrete coat. The vestibule is furnished with a dirt-trapping doormat. The stairwell walls and ceilings receive a base plaster with a 0.5mm abrasive additive, then painted. Lighting is controlled through motion detectors.

Triple insulated glazing with heat shielding and noise-reducing glass. Windows and French doors made of natural larch wood. U-value glass 0.70 W/m2K. Each room will feature at least one window with tilt-and-turn fitting.

Sunshield / darkening
The units contain vertical sunblinds with wire cable guides. Upholstery with awning fabric. They are operated electronically.

Lift / Elevator
Each building holds a wheelchair-accessible lift for 6-8 passengers. The cabin floors are covered in a dirt-trapping carpet; walls of brushed stainless steel, one side of mirror glass.

Each unit features semi-central comfort ventilation system based on centralized heat recovery and decentralized comfort ventilation devices, which can be set according to the resident's preferences. Each unit is equipped with its own independently operable ventilation device. The underground garage is ventilated mechanically. The system is designed to remove pollutants. In addition, the design includes CO2/NO monitoring.

Heat production / distribution
Power is generated centrally by means of a pellet heating system in Building A, 1st basement. An individual consumption meter is installed for each unit for the heating cost invoicing. Heat output is accomplished by means of a low-temperature floor-based heating system. It is possible to regulate the room temperature for each room separately. The remote switching/control of the heating can be operated by text message (SMS) or the Internet.

Electronic installations
Individual unit distributor, with the necessary circuit breakers and current protection switches, are installed in each unit.

Mailbox system / doorbell
A central mail box and intercom system with door opener is at the building’s entrance doors on the ground floor. Doorbell buzzer is mounted at the door of each unit in the stairwell, and intercom system in the hallway inside each unit.

Terraces / loggias
The window benches and loggia parapet covers made of natural stone. Terraces and loggia floors furnished with waterproof sealant. Balcony slab made of concrete, connected with the interior concrete slab through cantilever connectors. Floor covering made of natural larch wood grating. Parapet of in-situ concrete to a height of 75 cm; natural stone covering, handrail at + 1.00 meter, continuous T-section profile, metallic grey anthracite surface Walls and ceilings clad in larch wood panels, or weather boarding in natural larch wood. Downlights inserted into wooden ceilings.


Lawn / garden facilities
In the interior courtyard, there is a seating area with larch timber grating, like in the terraces/loggias. Intensive green planting for lawns and shrubbery of 50-60 cm in height. Functional and practical lighting. Entrance area in round arch Pflästerung.